Site hosting

  • Starting at $50 a month, we will host (on our server), maintain, handle security updates, and handle minor updates for your site.
  • We can migrate your site from another server to ours at no charge!
  • Security and Backup for hosted sites
    • Backups
      • weekly backups stored for 6 months.
    • Plugin Updates
      • Rarely a plugin update may be incompatible with the latest wordpress or your particular server configuration.  If this happens we will roll back the update and contact you with options to either replace the plugin or discuss a plan to get it functioning.
    • WordPress Updates
      • If a wordpress update is incompatible with your server we will roll back and notifiy you with options on how we can proceed.
    • Security monitoring and protection
      • Will install and maintain wordpress security system to prevent brute force attacks and activate a wordpress firewall.
      • Keeping wordpress and plugins up to date is one of the most important steps to keeping a site secure which is part of this service.

Content updating

  • Easily update content on your site using a simple familiar interface. If you can update facebook or write an email, you can update your website!
  • If you’re not comfortable making your own changes, let us do it for you . . .
    • If we host your site, simple updates are free of charge!
    • For more intricate updates, we offer low fees.