Site hosting

  • Hosting prices are tailored to the complexity and traffic a website gets.
  • We can migrate your site from another server to ours at no charge!
  • Security and Backup for hosted sites
    • Backups
      • Daily or weekly backups depending on your needs. Stored for 90 days or more if desired.
    • Plugin Updates
      • Plugins are always being updated for better features and security patches. We keep them up to date and secure.
    • WordPress Updates
      • WordPress needs to be updated to keep your site secure. We can help with that.
    • Security monitoring and protection
      • Will install and maintain WordPress security systems to prevent brute force attacks and activate a WordPress firewall.
      • Keeping WordPress and plugins up to date is one of the most important steps to keeping a site secure which is part of this service.

Content updating

  • Easily update content on your site using a simple familiar interface. If you can update facebook or write an email, you can update your website!
  • If you’re not comfortable making your own changes, let us do it for you . . .
    • If we host your site, simple updates are free of charge!
    • For more intricate updates, we offer low fees.